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Here's How Small To Mid-Market Businesses Like Yours Can Start Building A Successful Digital Presence Starting At Just $200!

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Regardless of what type of business you own or operate, if you need to produce more sales online or in person, it starts with a website. Let us help you develop a website that will help you produce more traffic and revenue.

With just $200 to get started, we’ll show you how much more powerful and profitable your business can be with a proper online presence. Your new website could have more search engine traffic, more conversions, more sales (or appointments), and brand awareness.
Read on for more customers, more revenue, and more profits.

We Are In A Time of Economic and Social Disorder

Social distancing is in effect. Masks are required in some places. Essential products are out of stock. Millions of Americans are out of jobs. The government is spending TRILLIONS of dollars it doesn’t have. Non-essential businesses were/are shut down. Some will recover from this; some will not.

Business owners everywhere are looking for solutions to how they can survive this pandemic and lessen their worries about their next stream of income. Not every business qualifies for small business aid, nor can they continue operating their business without a clear plan.

Maybe You Can Relate

If you relate to any of this, don’t worry – it’s not just you. You’re not the only one struggling to grow your business in a competitive, rapidly changing environment.

What Worked A Few Years Ago Might Not Work Now

This Solution Was Made Possible by the Navy Veteran Business Owner of...


How This Works

The offer is as simple as it gets. Register for a free client account and submit your business profile. Make a $200 retainer and we’ll start building you a $1,500-valued website.
Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED or your money back!
If you approve the website demo, we can finalize the website for an additional $300. If you do not like the mock-up and are completely unsatisfied, we will refund you the $200.

Once the website is ready to go live, instead of paying another $1,000, we’ll place you on a 12-month payment plan to pay it off for just $95/m. We’ll also include hosting, basic security and minor site updates for FREE.

And when you’re ready to build a true digital presence, we have a hands-free digital brand-building program available that is essential to growing your business online.

We've Built Websites In Multiple Industries Over the Past 10 Years

To Help Deserving Businesses In Need, Starting At Just $200, Here's What You Get

  1. You’ll receive the equivalent of our “Premier Website” our clients normally pay $1,495 to get started.
  2. Your website will be WordPress based with a site builder program such as Elementor or WP Bakery to make future changes fast and easy for you.
  3. You’ll get a professional logo that will reflect and represent your business and brand. If you already have a logo, it can be modified and turned into a favicon. New logos get 3-4 variations and 3 revisions.
  4. Your website will be mobile compatible, user friendly and search engine friendly.
  5. We’ll design up to 8 pages including Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contact and so on. Additional pages can be added for $60 each.
  6. Your home page will have up to 3 sliders and some great call-to-action segments.
  7. Stock photos will be provided and edited. Client-submitted photos may receive minor editing as necessary, such as resizing and cropping. Limit of 30 photos.
  8. You can have up to 2 simple submission forms. I.E. Contact Forms (with a Google Map) or simple Quote Inquiry Form.
  9. Social media integration to display feed from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube is optional.
  10. You’ll also get 2 “Whatever Hours” to do additional work not already covered in this offer.

This website design offer is not for an ecommerce website, but upgrades to have an online store is available in the member’s area.

Your website demo will be stored on our server for review and modification before going live. When the website is ready, it’s just $300 to finalize and setup hosting on our dedicated server.

You’ll be hosted with us for a minimum of 12 months at $95/m. After the 12 months, you can stay hosted with us for $24.95/m or transfer somewhere else. You can also continue paying $95/m to continue the hosting service, and in addition, you’ll also get 2 hours of maintenance each month.

Register Below To Get Started

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Refundable Deposit: $200 | Finalize: $300 | Lease: $95/m 12 months
Includes: Complete website redesign, up to 8 pages, hosting, security and maintenance.
Client testimonies

Strong Relationships & Trust

We Do All We Can To Deliver and Keep Our Clients Happy

“Working alongside Kevin is like working with an internet marketing savant combined with a hungry start up CEO. He’s sharp, creative, thinks way outside the box – and delivers more value than you hope to expect. I had the distinct pleasure of working with him on several product launches. One of his key distinctions led to an additional $20k in revenue. He was masterful at guiding through the complexities of the process, and the end result was a masterpiece. Whether your digital marketing needs are SEO, SEM, PPC or info product marketing, Kevin is your man.”
Jeremiah Desmarais

TED Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Forbes Coaches Council

“Kevin is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to website conversion and optimization & marketing. He has great foresight and is able to see, identify and seize opportunities before it becomes a trend. Kevin has taught me 80% of what I know about website conversions, SEOs and online marketing. Highly recommend to anyone to get in touch with Kevin if you intend to have a more dynamic presence of your business online.” Nor now works with government contracts and clients all over Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.
Nor Suhir

LinkedIn Top 1% | Google Partner | Social Media Campaign Strategist

“I didn’t know it at the time, but Kevin was completely new to doing sales copy when I hired him in 2009. I was already making a reasonable $5,000 per month but I knew I could do better. I was shocked by Kevin’s approach. He removed 30% of the content and re-arranged things around in a way I never would have imagined. Honestly, I was upset with him. But he was right. It immediately generated over $15,000 without any increase in traffic. To this day, 8 years later, it is exactly the same and has made me over $2.5 million. I never could have had this success without Kevin. Thank you so much.”
Steven Peliari

Certified Master Hypnotist | International Hypnosis Assoc. Chairman

What Else We Offer

Since our parent company, Rank Above Others, is a full-stack website design and marketing agency, we offer more than just website redesign. All service upgrades listed below (and even more) are available in the member’s area after registration and can be purchased at any time.

Directory System

Contract Signing



Sales Funnel Creation

Business Cards

Facebook Page Design

Messenger Bot

Business Cards

Social Media Marketing

Online Course Management

Lead Generation

Important Terms of Service

While we offer a 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee, we cannot refund anything after the $300 finalization fee is paid. The $200 retainer can be refunded if you are unsatisfied with your website demo and unable or unwilling to continue doing business with us. In addition, in order to save you $1,000, we’ll place you on our 12-month payment plan of $95/m, which activates automatically 35 days after you pay the $300 finalization fee. You will receive a free hosting account and minor site updates such as WordPress software and plugin updates. Direct content changes, graphic designing, coding/development, marketing, consultation or technical troubleshooting does not count as minor site updates. Additional work can be purchased at $30/hr for content changes, $55/hr for design work, $95/hr for development and $125/hr for troubleshooting. If you decide to cancel your monthly payment with us, there will be a termination fee equivalent to the remaining months not paid. After 12 months, you can pay for hosting on our dedicated server at $24.95/m or continue paying $95/m and receive 2 Whatever Hours in addition to the dedicated server hosting service. Much like other available upgrades, adding more pages are optional. You will have up to 8 pages during the website build, but each additional page is $60.