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Commercial Highlight

Commercial Highlight

Our video production service is geared towards your success. We produce videos that inspire your audience to take action. With your dreams and help from our team, we’ll be able to deliver a reality that will strengthen your brand and engagement with your audience.

Hello, my name is Santiago Gomez.

I am the Producer and Product manager here at Rank Above Others. Over the years, while working in a great number of industries, we came to notice that creating video content is not only valuable, but it is also consistent with success. As technology continues to move forward, the way we consume digital information dictates our decision making process when we buy a product or service.


By having a great brand story about your business, you are able to humanize and connect with your customers before they walk through your door. This will allow your business to earn trust among consumers as you share not just what you do, but why you do it. Unlike any other filmmaker in town, when Rank Above Others creates your brand story giving the opportunity to be more competitive in your industry by creating a rapport as soon as a customer checks your social media or visits your website.”


Each of our options is tailored to fit best according to your vision, budget and time.

"107" Licensed

$2M Insurance

Corpus Christi

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Choose A Video Package Tailored To Your Needs


One-Time Payment


  • 3 Aerial Photos
  • 5+ Exterior Photos
  • 25+ Interior Photos (Up to 5 Spaces)
  • 2m Video Walkthrough
  • 30s Video Highlight
  • *Cannot add Agent Highlight
Order Package


One-Time Payment


  • 5 Community Photos
  • 6 Aerial Photos
  • 10+ Exterior Photos
  • 40+ Interior Photos (Up to 10 spaces)
  • 5m Video Walkthrough
  • 2x30s Video Highlight
  • 1m Video Highlight
  • Agent Highlight Optional


One-Time Payment


  • 10+ Community Photos
  • 10 Aerial Photos
  • 20+ Exterior Photos
  • 80+ Interior Photos (Up to 20 spaces)
  • 5m Agent Highlight/Interview
  • 5m Video Walkthrough
  • 3x30s Video Highlight
  • 2x1m Video Highlight
  • 1m FPV Highlight

NOTE: After purchase of any package, you will be able to submit an online form with your business details. A service agreement specific to each package will also be made available automatically. If your package requires a waiver or release form, one will be provided.


Filming and Aerial

Cinematographic Producer

We brought in a traditionally trained and experienced cinematographic producer from Los Angeles, named Santiago Gomez who's shot commercials for the World Cup.

Residential & Commercial

We don't just take photos or aerial footage of your properties. That's typical and boring. We capture stories and lifestyles your buyers can connect with.

Humanizing Businesses

You see and treat your customers as people, but most customers do not treat businesses the same. To gain their compassion and trust, you must humanize your business.

Enhance Your Marketing

Marketing is all about engaging your customers with the right content that captures their attention and commands them to take action. Are you doing that?

Industries We Serve

Why Use Video

video portfolio

Sneak Peek of Our Recent Work

We Focus On Producing Videos That Strengthen Your Brand, Demand Authority and Build Trust

No matter your industry, video production can help you elevate your business to the next level. Here at Rank Above Others we provide services ranging from complete website design to marketing to video production to help your business reach its target audience.

Submit A Request If You Require A More Customized Production

Custom Filming

Our Film Crew & Pilots are Ready

All commercial filming starts at a minimum of $1,500.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I separate the service packages?
In order to keep our service packages affordable we can’t itemize our services. This ensures we can provide the best quality for the most affordable price.
What if none of the packages fit my needs?
In the event that none of our packages suit your needs, we may be able to create a customized package for your project. Although we will do our best to help our clients, it is important to recognize that we can not guarantee that every custom project can be accommodated.
What are Residential or Commercial Highlights?
Our vision here at Rank Above Others is to take Real Estate photography to the next level. Our Residential and Commercial Highlight packages defy the norm by not putting a cap on interior pictures, but rather taking as many pictures as necessary and doing what it takes to promote the space.
What are Residential or Commercial Progressions?
Here at Rank Above Others we know having something built can be stressful. For our local and remote clients we offer the Residential and Commercial Progression packages. These allow our clients to see building progress without having to go on site themselves.
What is a Company Branding good for?
Sometimes the best way to relate to the customer is to tell a story, not just about your business, but why you do what you do. We can help you capture and tell that story to further promote your business.
What environments could you shoot in?
Although weather is a factor affecting when we can shoot, we are able to shoot in diverse environments ranging from inside buildings to shooting from small watercraft on the open ocean.
Where is your service area?
We currently operate within 50 miles of downtown Corpus Christi; however we may be able to shoot a custom project outside our radius on a case by case basis.