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Digital Success Credits

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Clients may purchase credits to redeem any service(s) in our catalog. Credits may be purchased at $50 per credit, or by buying in bulk or subscribing to a monthly retainer for added value.

For example, you may bulk purchase $1,000 in credit and receive 2 bonus credits ($100 value), making the full retail value $1,100. However, if you subscribe to a monthly retainer of $1000/m, you’ll receive 3 extra credits each month, or a total retail value of $1,150/m. The more you purchase, the more bonus and retail value you get.

One-Time Purchase

One-time purchases can be made after an invoice is sent from our project management portal. This is a manual request from customers each order.

Amount Credits Bonus Retail Value

Monthly Retainer

Monthly retainers can be purchased here with automatic subscription-based payments and credits will be added to your account automatically. When you request services, it will be deducted from your credit.

Amount Credits Bonus Retail Value Order

NOTICE: Credits can be redeemed for services but cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded.

Whatever Hours (WH)

These are hours logged by our staff to do anything and everything you want for free. This normally takes place after the proposed services are already complete and you require a custom function or service to be performed. Our staff will then log time until your WH are used up. If the request requires more time, you will have the option to pay for additional work. Not all services will include WH.

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