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Rates & Terms

Our Dallas, Texas SEO and Design teams are good at what we do. We have a proven strategy and a set system that helps us produce efficient work and positive results. By having this system in place, we save time and money by preventing ourselves from making the same mistakes over and over. This allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Our rates are very competitive and should be able to meet just about anyone’s pocketbook. Whether you’re an individual wanting a personal website, a small business owner wanting an ecommerce website or a corporation wanting a visual presentation, we can handle it all.

With our free analysis, you’ll also get a free 15 minute consultation with one of our experts to explain some of the findings, provide advice and work out a custom package. Below is some of our generic rates (some do not have a price point and totally depends on the client status and market saturation)), but with a custom package, you’ll be able to save some money; so, please ask about it.

Avoid Wasting Time & Money

There are SEO and design firms and individuals that do nothing BUT web design or SEO only. They then recommend that you go find another company that does what they don’t do! Why? You’re wasting your time dealing with a company or individual that has the “expertise” in only one field. We have experts that handle everything from website design, copywriting, development, marketing, managing and more.

Yes, it’s pretty much true that once an on-site optimization service is performed, that part is pretty much done forever. However, keep in mind that you need to continuously add new content and keep your website fresh in order to have better rankings in the SERPs. You also need to test your site for conversion like there’s no tomorrow.

Don’t believe anyone that tells you that once your site ranks well it will stay that way. Pardon the language but that’s BS! Why? Because there are hundreds of new websites going online within any given niche or industry almost every day! You have to understand that these sites could quickly outrank you. This is why you need a continuous off-site optimization or marketing service. This ensures that your website ranks high and stays high.

However, don’t think more traffic and higher rankings absolutely means more sales. Not always the case. Your sales copy and design must also communicate with the visitor in order to gain their trust. If your website isn’t doing that, everything else you’ve done has been wasted. That is is why it is so important to perfect every element. Allow our Dallas, Texas SEO team to do all of this for you in one clean sweep.

Our Generic Rate and Terms:

Payment can be made online via credit card or PayPal. We also accept checks, but work does not commence until the check is cleared.

Non-recurring and negotiable services (such as website design or development) require a 50% payment upfront prior to our team proceeding with the project. Monthly services and other fixed rates indicated in our project management system require a 100% payment prior to starting services. All hourly services can be paid after the services are complete or on a week/bi-monthly basis.

Failure of payment within 30 days after our request will render the project canceled. Any files, pages, content, design created is kept and refund is not issued. It is our discretion to release any completed work. There will be a reinstatement fee of $200 to activate the project and continue where we left off.

Get started right away and submit a free analysis request from our Rank Above Others SEO team. Remember, you’ll also get a free 15-minute consultation that will go over the data with you. You’ll be completely at ease and no hard selling will occur. It’s a take it or come back later when you’re ready situation. We know that you’ll be completely satisfied with the way we treat you and your business.