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Here’s What Gives Your Business the Same Advantages Large Companies Possess When It Comes to Marketing, SEO and Web Design.

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Attention Small to Mid-Market Business Owners:

Business owners everywhere are looking for better results with their online marketing strategies. More leads. More customers. More revenue. But there’s something blocking the path. The old ways just aren’t working any longer.

Maybe you can relate. Which of these problems would you like to fix?

  1. Business is slow and you want to get the phone ringing and the orders coming in.
  2. You’ve got traffic, but they’re not turning into leads. Or you’ve got leads, but they’re not the right type of leads and they are not converting into customers.
  3. You’re not happy with the design or functionality of your website. Maybe it’s outdated. Maybe it’s just not giving you the results it should.
  4. Your branding isn’t making the impact you were hoping for, and you’re starting to feel invisible in the crowded marketplace.
  5. Your online marketing strategy is performing poorly and isn’t bringing in enough traffic, growing your list or generating enough revenu

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry – it’s not just you. You’re not the only one struggling to grow your business in a competitive, rapidly changing environment.

Here Are the Problems Affecting Your Results

What worked just a few short years ago doesn’t work anymore…
Last year’s SEO strategies will get you banned today.
Businesses without a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy end up floundering and getting kicked in the teeth by the competition.
Businesses without cutting-edge websites suffer, because seasoned web users expect top-shelf design.
But the vast majority of small businesses are still working off last year’s playbook. Maybe you are too. It’s not your fault – you have a business to run, so you don’t have time to study the fast-changing digital landscape.
That’s where I come in…
I can help. Together we can grow your business and make your offers more visible in the marketplace.
This Offer Is Limited to 20 Strategy Sessions. Claim Yours Today!



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Who am I and why should you listen to me

My name is Kevin Lam, a US Navy Veteran and owner of Rank Above Others, Inc.

We’ve been helping small to mid-market business owners all over the world grow their revenue by designing marketing campaigns, branding strategies and websites that work as hard as you do to generate leads and close the sale.

How do we do it?

We have an entire team of skilled web developers, copywriters, and marketing strategists who work together to design and implement solutions to fit your needs. The internet has changed a lot since we started in 2009, but we make it our #1 job to stay one step ahead of the trends and technologies we use to drive your business growth. Now for the first time ever you have a chance to get a taste of what we can do to transform your business. If you’re one of the first 20 business owners to act now, you’ll get a 30-minute phone consultation with me Best of all? You’ll get this game-changing consultation for the cost of a steak dinner. (More on this great deal in just a moment.)

So listen…

This isn’t 30 minutes of me telling you about my business. This is 30 minutes focused 100% on you and your business. You’ll find out how to fix your low traffic and low conversion problems to start getting better results.

That’s right…
Limited Time Offer. Signup Before Wednesday, May 6th At Midnight MST

Give Me Just 30 Minutes on the Phone, And I’ll Show You How to Use Technology to Explode Your Business Growth

Every conversation is unique, but here’s an idea of the sorts of things you might learn about during your consultation:

If you need more traffic, more leads, more customers and more revenue, then don’t pass up this chance to get answers and guidance from an expert who’s been helping small businesses grow across the globe since 2001.

Your Total Investment? Just $49

You read that right – you get $299 worth of value for less than the cost of a steak dinner. But there’s a catch…

This offer is only available for one month or to the first 20 decision makers who act now, whichever comes first. The spots will go fast, so don’t hesitate to claim yours today.

So maybe you’re wondering…

How can we offer so much value for just $49?

Because we know that once you see what we have to offer, you’ll be back for more. We’re that confident in what we can do for you.

We also priced this offer competitively so that you can act fast. You don’t need to get approval or even look at your books before you say yes. You can be decisive and say “yes” right now.

Think about it: it’s a great price. It’s a great offer. And there’s absolutely no risk to you…

This Consultation Will Open Your Eyes -- Guaranteed

I’m so sure you’ll be delighted with the amount of value you receive during your marketing consultation that I’m extending to you a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just let me know at the end of the call and I’ll refund your investment. You can even keep the two strategy guides as my way of saying thank you for giving us a chance to work with you.

So now it’s your turn…

All You Need is $49 and 30 Minutes of Your Time to Transform Your Business. Order Below

This could be the best investment you make in your business this year. There’s no better time than right now to get more leads, convert more sales and get the phone ringing again…

So click the order button below now to set up your consultation – I look forward to talking to you!
PS: Only 20 small business owners will be able to claim the 30-minute marketing consultation and two strategy guides – will you be one of the lucky few? Order now to claim yours – and let’s get started growing your business together.