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The List Virus Is Live… But For How Long?

11 Jan

You probably didn’t see this review coming. Me neither… not until he released it. I am not on a hating rampage of every product I come across, I just think the moral values are at stake.

Today, Scott Boulch, the creator of “The Death of AdSense” released his 2nd version of the List Virus.

It promises you to make money while you’re building the list because subscribers would have to sign up for a CPA offer before getting to you. At first it seemed like a brilliant idea and I wanted to jump on that band wagon. I even talked to my partner about setting up our system in that way…

As soon as I did… I had an after thought and a feeling of remorse! How horrible!

Why? Gee, how unfair is that to the subscribers! Sure, I’ll get a lead and sure, I’d make some money… but is the cost of their trust worth it? By following this system, I’m practically tricking them into getting spammed.

The nice idea I like out of the List Virus though is that the subscriber must confirm his opt-in before accessing the product… but isn’t that already set in stone, or are there people who don’t do that?

The other thing I find useful is the “tell-a-friend” gizmo, but it’s been around for years and you can get a simple code to paste it on to your web site. But if you want all the bells and whistles from the list virus 2.0, be ready to pull out $97 a month. It’s definitely “not for rookies.”

And definitely not for me. I could do the same without paying that much every month. I also got annoyed by the fact that Firefox kept picking up errors on his site. You don’t see it until you move your mouse because it’s tracking every movement you make on the page. I was there for about 5 minutes and picked up over 3,000 errors regarding his jsimg.js (javascript).

Makes you wonder how well the list virus 2.0 has really been improved.

Now, on the other hand, I want you to understand something. I am not saying he’s a bad person, nor his ideas WRONG, that’s up to you. To me, it’s a form of trickery… and scam. I think he’s taken it a step too far.

If you’ve listened to the audio I provided in the free download section, you will hear about him telling you how you could obtain information for free. If you did, you’re hearing him tell you to just COPY PEOPLE’S WORK! As in, COPY THE CONTENT. My English teacher would have a parade on me if I did such things.

Look, I want you to learn from his reports, learn from his tele-conference, learn from his sales letter and most importantly, learn from his actions, but don’t let the bad morals rub off on you. I have certainly learned a lot from him and sparked up some ideas, but I will certainly not take the same path he took.

We all must walk our own path – that’s just our destiny.

Kevin Lam

Kevin Lam is a self-taught internet marketer, web developer and traffic conversion expert that started since he was 17 in 2000. Even throughout his 5 years in the Navy, Kevin continued to hone his skills. Kevin now owns multiple digital companies including a Strategic, Digital Marketing Firm, a Sales Funnel Concierge Service, General Support Company and other digital products.


  1. Hamant | January 21, 2007 at 9:10 pm

    Hello Kevin
    New here and saw this post. Very interesting – I also received the same email re – List Virus. It was slick and almost sold on the idea but just like you I also decided that it was not for rookies . Take a lot of lead generation to pay for that monthly fee but more importantly I agree whole heartedly about tricking people .

    I wonder these days how many maketers do actually look at the morals of doing that kind of tricking – Its a shame though. The IM field is getting more and more competitive these days. and I for one although have spent an enormous amount of money on learning – decided to persue smaller Non IM niches.

    I really am 100% about learning from these marketers – They are good at what they do although not all the ideas are compatible with the way you yourself do business online.
    IFor the last few months I have studied a few of the god marketers and learnt from what and how they do rather than what they teach and there is a goldmine of information there many times – just watching every email and learning tactics – for me its a case of using some of them in non Im markets

    Thanks and take care

  2. Michael | January 25, 2007 at 4:24 am

    yep your right, I’m considered a rookie and this is completely over my head. lol, for now

  3. Wendy | December 26, 2007 at 3:35 pm

    Wonderful to find that you’re checking out the latest products and giving FAN members a bit of your insight. I’m a rookie and I’ve lost enough money on useless scams – I mean schemes.

  4. Ernan | August 4, 2008 at 6:12 am

    I got his all ebooks and occasionally received email from hi. BTW. You are right in the issue of opt in. Because of spam people most likely are adamant in giving away info online. Although, List Virus as what the reviews says will certainly bring you the opt in you need and make money on the cpa offers the subscribers is at the losing end. And the price $97 a month, maybe too much but I prefer the old fashioned opt in to my list get your product and I’ll promote later to be safe.

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