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04 Nov

New 12 Terabyte Server In Our Dallas Marketing Office

We just got done setting up our very own 12 TB server that we can use for local backups of all computers in our office and even provide online hosting. It has a double-redundancy back-up system that prevents any kind of data loss. This thing is a MONSTER. If you

22 Jul

How to Make a Podcast

A podcast is an easy way of distributing media files over the internet, and this article will tell how to make a podcast. The first thing necessary is a domain, and a host on which to store the media files for the podcast. Getting a domain is simple and easy,

28 Apr

Finding Podcast Hosting

For anyone who wants to begin creating a podcast, podcast hosting is the most important part. Before anyone can begin distributing a podcast, they need a place to store the files and keep the feed file that will tell their subscribers about the new episodes available.

04 Jun

Our Servers Were Down Today

Hey guys, sorry about today but our servers were taken offline for a serious upgrade. It was completely necessary though because we needed the servers to be up-to-date and capable of handling e-commerce websites. Without the upgrade, none of our e-commerce clients would be able to have a functional site.