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29 Jul

Dallas Millionaires Meet Up For The First Time

The Dallas Millionaires “Meetup” group met today for the very first time. The organizer, Kevin Lam, presented in front of approximately 35 individuals about becoming an SEO expert in just 60 minutes. It was a huge undertaking, but he delivered a lot of powerful tips not only on SEO, but

17 Jul

rankaboveothers.com is Approved by Yahoo! Directory

I’m happy to announce that rankaboveothers.com is approved to be included in the Yahoo! Directory. It was a very edgy week for me and my team, but we received the good news that we have been approved. We are looking to be included in the directory within the next 2-3

17 Jun

Don’t Be the Best, Be Different

Once in a while, we come across an article that really hits home and we want to share them with you. This article really should be included in a marketing tutorial or book of some sort. It’s that good, so read everything and pay close attention: