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04 Nov

New 12 Terabyte Server In Our Dallas Marketing Office

We just got done setting up our very own 12 TB server that we can use for local backups of all computers in our office and even provide online hosting. It has a double-redundancy back-up system that prevents any kind of data loss. This thing is a MONSTER. If you

07 Apr

It’s Time For Me To Get In Shape!

It’s been 9 months since the Navy and I’m feeling quite out of shape. I want to be able to run and lift weights but I have a very serious problem – I can’t work out!

06 Aug

Getting Into The Groove Again

I was pretty much on vacation for an entire month without doing anything. Well, it seems I need more things to do with my time than ever. Now that I’m not at work 63+ hours a week (or 84+ hours on the boat), I need to fill my time up

06 Oct

WWII Bomb Found In My Back Yard!

Okay, so it’s not really in my back yard but it IS on base and behind the flight line (where jets are parked). We have EOD personnel over there now trying to keep the puppy asleep. All other personnel in that surrounding area has already been evacuated and traffic has