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11 Jul

Weekend-Fun: New Wireless Microphone Can Have A Smell To It

I was on amazon searching for a wireless microphone system. I’m leaning towards the Sony Professional Quality 900 MHz Wireless Microphone System (Model# WCS-999) or the Audio-Technica ATR288W Wireless Microphone System (Includes ATR35s, ATR20), but I came across another option that has a really funny description:

18 May

Business Acumen – Who’s Next?

Here’s a very deep secret not many Internet experts are willing to share or actually point out without a fee. Part of the reasons to their success is that they were among the first to start it all. If you’ll remember hearing the term “first come, first serve”, it’s the

29 Apr

You’re going to die… mwahaha

Okay, not really, but you’ll choke when you find out what I’ve done for you. There are two things… If you’ve heard of Armand Morin’s promotion for Michael Lee Austin’s CD, you will know that you have to purchase 2 CDs of MLA, it’s a little silly to buy 2