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28 Apr

Simple Client Manager Update

Wow, the last update we had on the Simple Client Manager was in November 2010, that’s 5 months ago. So much has changed since then. In fact, we decided to scrap the previous development and re-wrote the whole thing COMPLETELY from scratch. Why? Because we had a new vision of

07 Apr

It’s Time For Me To Get In Shape!

It’s been 9 months since the Navy and I’m feeling quite out of shape. I want to be able to run and lift weights but I have a very serious problem – I can’t work out!

29 Sep

Update On Net Audio Ads’s Pay Per Play

I first mentioned Pay Per Play on December 26, 2007. It brought on about 36 comments of agreements and disagreements. Heck, it even brought Net Audio Ad’s 3 management team, Larry, Charles and Paul. I actually didn’t see all 3 of them anywhere before that.