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28 Apr

Simple Client Manager Update

Wow, the last update we had on the Simple Client Manager was in November 2010, that’s 5 months ago. So much has changed since then. In fact, we decided to scrap the previous development and re-wrote the whole thing COMPLETELY from scratch. Why? Because we had a new vision of

05 May

Business Acumen – LEADS, LEADS, LEADS

First of all, what are leads? Leads are collected information of individuals who are interested in what you have to say and what you have to sell. And there’s only 2 ways to get leads. You either buy them or you gather them yourself. There are companies out there that

05 May

I cried at the airport

I tried to be strong and keep it together while spending my last moment with my wife at the airport today. My wife cry every time we have to separate; I usually hold it together pretty well and don’t cry at all. My mother raised me to not show my