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Start Your Own Video Production From Home

11 Sep

Okay,  it’s 4:30AM and I suddenly had the urge to learn more about having my own video production from home. I want to have the the blue/green screens, the perfect lighting and so on so I can shoot the perfect video. Well, I certainly don’t know how, but I came across some VERY intriguing pages that entail how to create everything with a shoe-string budget!.. This will be a short post, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

Blue-screen, green-screen, chroma-key – it’s all the same thing. To put simply this is the process of filming a scene, object or person in front of a pure coloured screen (typically either blue or green) so that the colour can be removed later to achieve certain special effects.

The majority of major motion pictures use at least some blue-screen work so chances are you may find a use for it in your own production as well. The most common use for blue-screen is to provide a backdrop for your actors when it may not be feasible (financially or practically) to actually film in the desired location. So if you want your actors to be standing on an active volcano you may choose to find some volcano footage and then film your actors in front of a blue-screen. Using the power of technology you can then remove the blue and replace with the volcano footage. Easy. Well may be not. All this bollocks will be covered in later tutorials but for now we want to just build our blue-screen first…


And if you can’t have a whole room to yourself, you could always build a PORTABLE GREEN SCREEN. Here’s MORE on green screens from another resource.

Now let’s move on to some lighting tricks:

Three secrets to getting pro quality video lighting on a shoestring budget.

In most cases, the biggest difference between video perceived as being ‘professional’ and that perceived as being ‘amateur’ is the quality of lighting in the video.

A well lit video – even one shot with a home camcorder – immediately delivers a professional image. While a poorly lit video, no matter how expensive a camcorder was used to shoot it, says ‘amateur’.


If anyone else has more details on creating your own video production from home, please share them here. I’d definitely like to learn more myself. And yes, I’ll be going to YouTube later to learn a few tricks, lol.

Here’s one I like: Lighting Tricks by Digital Juice


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