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Mailing Services


Interactive Voicemail – Unlike ringless voicemail drops where it can only reach mobile devices, our Interactive Voicemails can connect to any carrier. These are one minute voicemails or messages that will allow you to interact with your prospects. With our system you can give the customer the option to just answer the phone, leave a message, or be forwarded to your place of business to drive phone traffic. We can also control the amount of calls made daily and at what time. This is not your typical “ringless voicemail”, you will be able to interact with your campaign while it’s going on to make sure you take advantage of any and every lead that interacts with you.

Direct Mail – All Direct Mail comes with list, design, printing, addressing, postage, prize board, insurance up to a $25,000 Prize and 200 Pieces to be kept on hand at the store for digital participants.

  • Speed up your calling efforts.
  • Engage only interested leads.
  • Send direct mail with prizes.