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Digital Super Sales


Digital Super Sales – Our Digital Super Sales do not solely depend on direct mail to bring you traffic. We include all marketing efforts that use electronic devices and the internet as well. With our Digital Super Sales, you now have what you need to leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, geo-fencing, microsites and websites that will target and connect you with current and prospective customers. You no longer have to throw direct mail in saturation form and pray. We will track everything digitally for you. From your DM to your digital leads, you’ll see it all. Marketing 101 Says You Have To Touch Someone Three Times With The Same Message Before They Believe It To Be True, We Got You Covered. Welcome To The Future…

  • Total Pieces/Emails/Interactive Voicemails/Banner Ads – 160,000
  • Direct Mail​ -​ 20,000 17X22 Scratch off Direct Mail Pieces
  • Direct Mail Prize and Additions​ -​ ​Direct Mail comes with list, design, printing, addressing, postage, prize board, insurance up to a $25,000 Prize and 200 Pieces to be kept on hand at the store for digital participants.
  • MIA Visitor Pixel​ ​-​ The pixel will track MIA visitors that visit your website. This “data’ will then be delivered into the Digital Dashboard will include name, address, city, state, zip, email address when available, and garage data when available.
  • Digital Keyword​​ –​ If anyone within the geo-fence searches keywords like but not limited to automobile, used car, truck, and more. They will receive banners and be directed to our microsites and websites.
  • Contextual Advertising​​ –​ We will use banner ads to target any and all people searching for anything contextual with your product, close to your product, or competing with your product.
  • Competitive Search​ ​–​ All consumers searching a competing product will be targeted through social media, search engines and more. Emails​ – ​ 20,000 Emails With the same message as Direct Mail. Comes with design and delivery
  • Interactive Voicemail​ -​ 20,000 One minute Interactive Voicemails with the same message as the direct mail and emails.
  • Call Center​ -​ ​Dealer will have a full-time call center dedicated to answering any questions people may have about the sale and will also set appointments with callers as well.
  • Dealer Dashboard​ – ​ The dealer will have a login to a dashboard that will track Direct Mail interaction, Facebook Banner clicks, landing page activity, call center activity, digital traffic count, geo-fencing count, keyword counts, digital content counts, how many appointments have been set and a lot more. This dashboard will be active for the duration of the sale and up to 10 full days.
  • Touches​ -​ This is a total of ​160,000​ messages/touches.
  • Social Media Creation​ -​ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Social Media Creation, and connection
  • Main Event Video​ -​ ​We will create a full-length video to be posted on Facebook to promote the sale in your local market. We will also create three more shorter videos to be posted throughout the sale.
  • Social Media Management​ -​ Facebook Social Media Campaign build out and monitoring during the sale in connection with the video. (It is recommended the dealer boost this post with $200.00 for the 4-5 day sale but not required)
  • Prize Claiming Landing Page​ -​ You get a landing page set up and made for people to check their number online. Upon checking their number it will tell the recipient they have won and tells them to go to the dealership and claim their prize
  • Landing Page​ -​ Micro Sites will be created for individual sale advertising specials and prizes.
  • Lead generation​ -​ Micro Sites will be created and attached to all of your social media banner ads. These sites will collect email address, names, phone numbers, addresses and more. They will also funnel traffic to your website and other microsites advertising your sales or monthly traffic platform. All leads created from this will be available on your dashboard.
  • Geo Fencing​ -​ We will geofence the dealer’s city and drop pins at all surrounding dealers. People who go in and out of other local dealers will be targeted for banner ads.
  • Event Fence​​ –​ A Geo-Fence will be laid out 20-30 miles from our client’s front door and everyone within this fence they will start receiving banner ads.
  • Social Media / Digital Banner Ads​ -​ We will geofence the dealer’s city and drop pins at all surrounding dealers. We will put out up to 100,000 individual banners on Facebook and other media’s over the course of the 4-5 day sale.
  • BDC​ -​ There will be a phone number on the mailer and microsites that customers can call and ask about specifics during the sale. Our call center will not only take the calls but will also set appointments as well.
  • CSV File With All Contacts Made During The Sale​ -​ ​The dealer will be able to pull any and all data collected during the sale on the digital and direct mail side. They will pull this data in CSV format and can upload it to their CRM for future follow up.
  • CRM Push for MIA Visitors if requested​​ – If requested this data will be pushed via an ADF/XML file to each CRM email address that the client provides.

  • Marketing made for dealerships.
  • Includes 160,000 mailing pieces.
  • Reaching leads online and off.