Location Walk-Through Release



  1. The Client ____________________ agrees to not hold the Producer liable for any theft, property damage, or any other damages that may occur during the accompanied or unaccompanied walkthrough of the property or business located at _____________________ during the period between and ) at .

  2. Producer will promptly inform the Client upon arrival and departure of the above property by means of text, phone call, email or in person.

  3. The Producer is not responsible for securing property unless previous arrangements have been made in writing with the Client. The Producer is not responsible for any theft or other damages that may occur due to the Client not properly securing the property before or after the walkthrough.

  4. By signing this document the Client acknowledges that the Client has read, understood, and agrees to these terms and conditions.

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Signed by Van Lam
Signed On: May 2, 2023

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