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This agreement is made and effective this (MM/DD/YY),

BETWEEN: (the "Client"), a corporation with an address at:

AND: Rank Above Others, Inc (the "Provider"), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Texas, with its head office located at:

500 N Shoreline Blvd
Suite 706
Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Client Mission:
Lambert Agency is dedicated to providing a broad range of affordable insurance solutions through a selection of carriers for health, life and retirement solutions to their clients.

Client Request:
Lambert Agency is seeking an update for the website that will show it as secure to visitors, offer faster load time, and provide the best experience possible for both new website visitors and current clients.

RAO Solution:
Rank Above Others will update the client’s website in multiple ways to accomplish their goal, first being an update to the chat widget to ensure proper lead gathering functions and communication reporting to the client’s admin to achieve better response times for leads and clients. Second, RAO will increase the site's speed by troubleshooting and optimizing the server side resources as well as the hosting solution the client is using currently, or if needed offering alternative hosting solutions that will perform more ideally. Lastly, RAO will diagnose and repair any faults within the website’s SSL certificate and as needed, install a new certificate that provides a secure browsing experience for website visitors. These fixes will provide a much improved experience for Lambert Agency website visitors and increase their likelihood of contacting the agency about their insurance needs, thereby increasing lead flow and new client acquisition opportunities as well.

Item Quantity Duration Price $
Go High Level Chat Widget 1 7-15 days $140.00
Website’s SSL Certificate - Security 1 7-15 days $240.00
Website Hosting - Speed Loading Time 1 7-15 days $155.00

Additional Notes :

Security technology called an SSL certificate protects websites from attacks and gives visitors confidence that your site is authentic and trustworthy. Every second counts when a visitor is waiting for your site page to load. Slow page speed leads to poor user experience. Stats show that your conversions drop for every second longer your visitor has to wait.


Provider will provide such services to Client upon the terms and subject to the conditions hereinafter contained below. Any web design and web development projects exceeding $5,000 are available for the milestone payment process. All projects under $5,000 require a full payment via check or wire transfer made out to Provider’s details indicated on page 1 of this agreement.

Other charges (if applicable): All additional work outside of project scope is billed hourly based on the type of service required. The following are rates for such services: content curation - $100/hr, graphic design - $120/hr, developmental coding - $180/hr, troubleshooting - $200/hr. These charges are billed at the end of the month.


For the avoidance of any doubt, it is hereby stated that the parties intend and agree that this Agreement shall be treated for all purposes as an agreement for contracted services between the parties, and it does not create an employer and employee relationship. Unless failure to deliver services rendered by Provider, there are no refunds whatsoever due to time, energy and expertise utilized to develop, deliver or provide new content and other intellectual property on Client’s behalf. Service(s) may be canceled, but not refunded.


Client will not hold Provider accountable to the estimated delivery date due to circumstances such as additional requests, changes/implementation or delays caused by Client response or payment. Reasonable delays may occur unexpectedly and extended completion dates will not be a violation of this agreement nor terms of termination. Client may still cancel the project at any time but will not be due for a refund on payments made up to that date.


Provider recognizes and acknowledges that the leads, clients, software systems, including specifications, programs and documentation, the methods and data which Client owns, plans or develops, whether for its own use or for use by its clients, developments, designs, inventions and improvements, trade secrets and works of authorship are confidential and are the property of Client. Provider also recognizes that Client's customer lists, supplier lists, proposals and procedures are confidential and are the property of Client. Provider further recognizes and acknowledges that in order to enable Client to perform services for its clients, those clients may furnish to Client confidential information concerning their business affairs, property, methods of operation or other data; that the goodwill afforded to Client depends upon, among other things, Client and its Providers keeping such services and information confidential. All of these materials and information including that relating to Client's systems and Client's clients, will be referred to below as "Proprietary Information."


Provider agrees that, except as directed by Client, and in the ordinary course of Client's business, Provider will not at any time, whether during or after Provider's employment with Client, disclose to any person or use, directly or indirectly, for Provider's own benefit or the benefit of others, any Proprietary Information, or permit any person to examine or make copies of any documents which may contain or is derived from Proprietary Information, whether prepared by Provider or otherwise coming into Provider's possession or control. Provider agrees that the provisions of this paragraph shall survive the termination of this Agreement.


Upon request, Provider shall promptly deliver to Client any and all Property of Client including Property in the possession or control of Provider's employees, services providers, affiliates and contractors. All copies of materials or software obtained from Client shall be either returned to Client or permanently deleted at Client's direction. 


Provider hereby assigns and agrees to assign to Client or its subsidiaries or affiliates, as appropriate, its successors, assigns or nominees, Provider's entire right, title and interest in any developments, designs, patents, inventions and improvements, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrightable subject matter or proprietary information which Provider has made or conceived, or may make or conceive, either solely or jointly with others, while providing services to Client, or with the use of the time, material or facilities of Client or relating to any actual or anticipated business, research, development, product, service or activity of Client known to Provider while employed at Client, or suggested by or resulting from any task assigned to Provider or work performed by Provider for or on behalf of Client, whether or not such work was performed prior to the date of this Agreement.


Provider agrees that because of the confidential and sensitive nature of the Proprietary Information and because the personal use of, or even the appearance of the personal use of, the Proprietary Information in certain circumstances may cause irreparable damage to Client and its reputation, or to clients of Client, Provider shall not, until the expiration of 2 years after the date on which Provider's employment with Client terminates for any reason, engage, directly or indirectly, or through any corporation or associates in any business, enterprise or employment which directly solicits business, performs services or delivers goods that are competitive to those of Client to any customer or prospect of Client.


Provider acknowledges that disclosure or personal use of any Proprietary Information by Provider or breach by Provider of any of the covenants will give rise to irreparable injury to Client, or clients of Client. Provider also agrees that this injury to Client, or clients of Client, would be inadequately compensated in money damages alone. Accordingly, Client or, where appropriate the client of Client, may seek and obtain injunctive relief against the breach, or threatened breach, of the disclosure or personal use of any Proprietary Information by Provider, in addition to any other legal remedies which may be available. Client further acknowledges that the enforcement of a remedy hereunder by way of injunction would not prevent Provider from earning a reasonable livelihood since Provider's experience and capabilities would be such that in the event that Provider's employment with Client terminates for any reason, Provider will be able to obtain employment in business activities which are not restricted by this Agreement.


Client and Provider agree to hold the other party harmless from all losses, liabilities, damages, cost and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees), arising from the enforcement of this agreement.


This Agreement contains the entire understanding between Client and Provider relating to the subject matter of confidentiality, work product and non-competition. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Texas, and may be modified only by a writing signed by Provider and Client. Provider hereby consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States sitting in Texas. The provisions of this Agreement relating to confidentiality and non-competition shall survive any termination of service no less than two years from the date of termination. 

IN WITNESS HEREOF, each party to this Agreement has caused it to be executed on the date indicated above.



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Signed by Van Lam
Signed On: May 2, 2023

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