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I am a U.S. citizen now!

18 Sep

My interview took place September 18 at 10:30 AM. My interviewer was some what of a prick – made me want to reach over the table and slap some manners into him, but that wouldn’t be nice of me.

I had to take a train (it took about 1 and a 1/2 hours) to get there. On the way, I studied the 100 questions in just 20 minutes (I was procrastinating, lol). Anyway, it was easy.

The ceremony was held in a Church in Yokosuka, Japan. It started at 8:30 AM and ended at 9:45 AM. 94 sailors and marines (including me) were sworn in and became United States Citizens. It was a proud moment in my life and I will remember it always.

Kevin Lam

Kevin Lam is a self-taught internet marketer, web developer and traffic conversion expert that started since he was 17 in 2000. Even throughout his 5 years in the Navy, Kevin continued to hone his skills. Kevin now owns multiple digital companies including a Strategic, Digital Marketing Firm, a Sales Funnel Concierge Service, General Support Company and other digital products.

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  1. John | November 14, 2006 at 11:11 pm


    A big congrats on becoming a U.S citizen. Look forward to you being back home for good.



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