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Google Keyword Tool – Why Are Local Results Higher Than Global?

22 Jun

There’s a lot of questions and concerns about why Google’s keyword tool could say that the local results are higher than the global results. Well, that’s what we’re going to get to the bottom of and explain. We’re going to disspell any confusion you may have over this.

If you look below, this is the result we got for “texas search engine marketing” based on a broad match:

Looking at the broad results, there’s 1,900 searches, but if you look at the actual “phrase”, there’s only 590 queries for the local marketing, which is English and in the United States:

Now, why in the world would the local results be higher than the global search volume when there are more people in the world than the U.S.? Good question.

The answer to this question is simple: The local search result is based on the most recent month!

When you look at the global search volume, you’re not seeing whether some months got 1,000 visitors while some months had barely 10. And unless you track the local search volume every month, you don’t know whether “texas search engine marketing” only got 60 searches in February, 100 in March, and 80 in April.

Some months, people just tend to search for something a little more than usual. That’s why it is possible for local search results to be higher than the global average over 12-month period.

By-the-way, out of 7.7 million results, we’re ranked #6 for this keyword phrase .

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Kevin Lam

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