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Google Improving Their Search Functionality

13 Aug

Google being the world’s best search engine dominating the top position is not enough for Internet decision makers, there is always room for improvement and room for action, even for Google because for them, the word search is not a solved problem.

According to an Internal Engineer; Douglas Merrill: “Our position is that search is a very hard problem. We still have a lot of work to do.”

He said that 70 percent of Google’s best is still undergoing improvements in terms of search, as to other developing services.

He also stated that:

“It is not enough to have the information, the information itself should also be right and sometimes the problem is figuring out what users mean and not what users said.”

As today, some of Google’s improving actions are: mobile web search, personalized search and even their language translation features. Most of all is finding a way to fight off SEO spam.

If they are to keep their eyes and focus on search functionality, the Internet world is only showing its belief that there is no search algorithm that can be “too perfect or even too good”, while recognizing the continuous progress of the competitors on the way up.

This only shows that even the mightiest and the strongest most powerful Google will have to work hard and must maintain its place in the top. By this, they would have to find ways and improvements to stay on upper floor against Yahoo and Microsoft.

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