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Dear Agency Owners and Consultants,

There is a situation we need you to defuse.

Imagine being at your favorite playground and 2 vehicles drove into the parking lot. One is an ice cream truck and the other is a smaller vehicle with ice cream featured on the side. Here’s the twist… the car has cheaper prices.

Which vehicle are you MOST likely to purchase ice cream from? And don’t say you don’t eat ice cream. Don’t be evil!

Of course the truck! The truck looks the part and more of what customers are expecting even if the car had a cheaper price. The car would just look completely out of place and sketchy, right? If you choose the car, I hope you’re ready for a kidnapping! LOL.

Everything we do in life has to do with perspective, as in what is perceived. It doesn’t matter how many times people say, “don’t judge a book by its cover” and how many times you’ve agreed. Admit it, you still do! It’s human nature.

That means your potential clients will look at you and your competitors. If your competitors look more professional, bigger and have more to offer, they’re going the other way.

(just a guy with a gun to get the point across)

To really get the point across.

Regardless of race, if you had the choice of walking next to a group of guys with sagging pants and talking obnoxiously loud or a guy in a business suit, which would you choose? Obviously, the guy with the business suit, right? You’d just piss your pants to find out he’s a serial killer though, huh?

What makes you think your business website is any different? You think it just gets a free pass?

Being successful in this industry, you need 2 things. Sales and delivery. You’re now an agency in our network, so delivery is no longer the problem. Now you need to get sales. Your website needs to look the part or you’ll never get as many clients as you should.

Done For You Agency Website

Our Agency Website service is practically the super-charge version of our “Advanced Website,” which retails for $2,495. We will build a custom, professional website for you, with all the required amenities to quickly get you started as an agency. This is mostly for the entrepreneurs who want to quickly open a COMPLETE website design or digital agency website with very little time and effort.

Our team will design your website in a way that is specifically geared towards compelling your visitors to want… no,  NEED your services.

Everything from the color scheme to the written information is geared towards getting them the right information to make that buying decision. If you want to focus on SEO, we will do that. If you want to focus on website design only, we can do that. If you want video marketing or online advertising as your primary source of projects, we can make your website focus on that. We can even list all services we offer at Outsourcing Wizards.


Your Agency Site + Our Services

We started building agency websites about 4 years back, but only until now did we start creating these ultra-unique “service” pages. We used to just give out the word doc and PDF file of our services and the full breakdown. It would then be the agency’s responsibility to update that information on their own website. Now, with our new agency website service, we are actually categorizing and creating individual pages for all the different services we offer in our platform. It looks so much more professional and appealing.

Yes, there’s an actual demo to see this, just keep reading below.


Your Agency Site + Your Own Portfolio

Very much like the services, we did not provide a portfolio for agencies to use. They all had to just refer to a gallery with some samples, but not actual websites they could reference in a portfolio. Now that we have progressed so far and worked on so many businesses, we’re able to let you leverage our portfolio. You can now have a portfolio of your own to share with clients. You can then also add your own existing and future projects into your portfolio.

Yes, there’s an actual demo to see this, just keep reading below.



Huge Selection of Designs and Layouts

You Can Mix and Match Whatever Designs You Want

SEO Agency Light

SEO Services

SEO Services Short

Light Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media Optimization

Web Design Agency

Content Marketing

SERM Reputation Manager

Contact Form in Header

SEO Agency Dark

SEO Services Dark

SEO Services

SEO Services Short

Light Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media Optimization

SEO Agency Light

SEO Services Short Dark

Light Digital Marketing Agency Dark

Social Media Optimization Dark

Digital Marketing Agency Elegant

SEO Services Elegant

SEO Services Short Elegant

SEO Agency light Elegant

Digital Dark Marketing Agency

Flat SEO Agency

Flat Webstudio

Flat SEO Services

Flat Webstudio Services

Flat Conversion Rate Optimization

Flat E-mail Marketing

Flat Local SEO

Flat Website Development

Flat Search Engine Optimization

Flat Social Media Marketing

Flat Pay-Per-Click

Click On Demos Below To Preview

Agency 3

We make sure your agency website is unique and stands out in the crowd.
We have designed hundreds of agency sites and no 2 look exactly the same.

What Your Agency Website Includes

  • Custom Graphics For Logo, Favicon, Sliders and Banners
  • Complete Theme Configuration and Color Scheming
  • Not Limited to JUST the Themes Above (you can choose from others, just ask)
  • Full WordPress Blog Integration with Featured Content Gallery and Widgets
  • 2 Hours of Maintenance Each Month
  • All Pages and Content Are Created For You (Home, Services, Analysis Request Page and Contact Page with Form)
  • Website Is Mobile Compatible and Responsive
  • Portfolio of 20+ Completed Projects (INSTANT CREDIBILITY!)
  • Security and Backup Programs Setup
  • Delivered in 10-12 Days From Project Start

This purchase requires a $97/m subscription, which covers the hosting of the website, the portfolio leasing and 2 hours of maintenance each month. This allows us to make changes to your website by updating content, replacing portfolio/services or fixing bugs. If you wish for us to build the website and not pay the $97/m subscription, the portfolio must be removed. You can keep all other content – the website is yours, but the portfolio is ours. Failure to comply will result in legal action for copyright infringement.

Partners & Services We Use:

A professionally designed website and hands-free system for client management, project management and service delivery does not guarantee high profits and success. Outsourcing Wizards will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred while working with clients. Outsourcing Wizards will not be responsible for generating leads and getting clients on the account holder's behalf unless otherwise stated in a separate service. Every outsourcing plan requires manual labor from customer support, technical support, ongoing workers for different projects you may have placed, project managers, quality assurance and other managers just to take care of you (and your clients) during the time you are with us from day 1. There are various ongoing costs every single day to take care of all your requests and inquiries. For this reason, there are no refunds for any account payments or projects paid.