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Details on the Simple Client Manager

23 Nov

Simple Client Manager Those of you who don’t know me, I run a successful web design and online marketing firm here in Grand Prairie, Texas (Dallas County), called Rank Above Others.

I have worked with clients locally, nationally and even internationally. Some clients are small, just starting out and some are Inc 500 companies or large corporations.

I was doing fine when the company was just me working out of my home office and I was the only one bringing in sales, because I knew EXACTLY who I brought in, how much they paid, what they wanted, etc. But I needed to grow. I needed an actual office clients could go to. I needed more clients. I needed more business.

However, one thing I was having trouble with was really being able to make myself look/appear and become a bigger company.

And to do that, I needed sales reps and a way to easily manage both my clients and my sales reps.

So It Begins

I knew that if I just hired sales people from other states, it would get REALLY confusing as who brought in who, what was said, what was sold and keeping track of all the clients would be a huge headache. Not just that, I had to keep track of commissions, payouts and so on.

Then I thought about when I call my telephone company, my electric company, my car insurance company, my bank and so on – they ALL ask for some form of numerical and/or alpha-numeric ID to identify myself.

So I thought, hey! I should give all of my clients an ID # so I could recognize who they are.

Then I thought about sales reps… they’d have to some how indicate that a prospect/client they brought in belonged to them and that they’d get the proper commission. Great, that’s another thing to consider. Done.

Offer White Label Services

Then I wanted to incorporate a white label service so I could get more business from people who would sell services similar to mine. They’d do the closing, my team would do the work and credit goes to my white label member. Perfect. More business without working for it.

After that, I decided to allow them to have their own sales reps as well. They’d be able to hire sales reps, do the selling for them and credit would go to their sales rep while indicating exactly which white label member a prospect/client belonged to.

Offer Partner Services

Then I wanted to incorporate the idea of having partners who could also hire their own sales reps. I called them the VIP members. These partners could be actual partners that would earn a set percentage and it is up to them to share it among their own sales reps.

I even introduced the idea of a recruiter. Instead of me trying to find and train the sales reps, someone else from another state or country could do all of that for me and earn a small percentage from what these sales reps are closing. However, once the sales reps reach a certain level, the recruiter would no longer receive a piece of the action any more.

Customizable Earning Levels

To dig even deeper, I decided to give ALL sales reps a certain earning level, whether it be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sales Manager and so on.

Each level would indicate a certain earning percentage, the minimum total sales volume requirement to reach that level, the minimum monthly sales volume to maintain that level and how long they have to maintain that level before being dropped down to the previous level and eventually removed from the company due to poor closing rates.

Best of all, it’s all automatic calculations.

Offer Support Services

With this program, you’ll be able to add individual technical and customer support. When they receive a phone call, they could ask for the client’s ID number, pull up their information and be able to proceed from there with whatever they need. They can even post notes specific to that client to indicate what the inquiry was about and relay the message over to you.

Your support team could also help close a client if they are still listed as a prospect and proceed with updating any missing fields regarding who the client is and what they need.

Even if you don’t have a support team, you yourself could look them up to see who they are, what they wanted, what they bought and so on.

The ID System

Let’s say you are a VIP Partner. You hired Susan to be your sales rep. Of course, you can close clients yourself as well, so you are also provided with a sales rep ID#, too.

Let’s pretend it is “VIP-901”.

When you bring in a prospect, you can give them whatever ID# you want, but it will be in this format:


The first set is your group identification. The second set is YOUR ID#. The 3rd set indicates the prospect/client that belongs to you (or some other VIP user). The 3rd set is where you (or your sales reps) can make up any number you want.

What’s great is if you gave a client the ID# “005”, the next time you enter someone, it will automatically suggest “006”, but you can skip. Let’s say you skipped to “010”, the next time you come back to add someone, it will suggest “011”.


As for Susan, her sales rep ID would be: 901-494

And when she brings in prospects or clients, it would be in this format:


The 901 indicates that Susan belongs to your group. 494 indicates that it’s Susan. 001, 005, 102, 946 indicates what the customer’s ID number is.

Simple, right?

This concept is applied across the board with my own company, my own sales reps, WLM users and their sales reps.

Adding Members & Staff

Adding new users/members is easy. All you gotta do is enter their email address and you’re done! The system will send an invitation to them with a confirmation code to register. They must be invited and have the proper code to register. This is for your security.

I was contracting and employing around 100 people world-wide and with about 60 sales reps. I realized REAL QUICK how difficult it will be to manage the clients if I did not have a system to quickly look up their information.

Administrative Tools & Function

For security purposes, only the administrator can send out a newsletter update and it ONLY goes to the users and NEVER the prospect/clients. This is to prevent any interference between my company and the WLM or VIP Partners. The newsletter obviously would be used only to update users about the program.

Each WLM user and VIP partner will be able to verify a sale and update it on a client’s profile. Once a sale is entered, the commission would go to the sales rep that closed the deal and automatically put into the client’s history and the sales rep’s history.

You and the sales rep could even look up the sale history, the total sales/earnings in specific time periods and more.

Admins are the only one that could edit the overall commission structure, however, each individual WLM user and VIP user can set commissions for their own sales reps.

Let’s Recap

  • Hire Sales Reps From Anywhere In The World
  • Hire Customer & Technical Support
  • Offer White Label Services
  • Allow White Label Members To Hire Sales Reps
  • Offer Partnership Positions
  • Allow Partners To Hire Sales Reps
  • Track & Monitor Sale History
  • Track & Manage Clients
  • Give Clients Their Own IDs
  • Give Every User & Sales Reps IDs
  • Set Earning Levels Based On Revenue Generated
  • Send Newsletters To Users
  • Search and Export Both Users and Clients
  • Add Sales To Client Profile
  • Review Sale History For Clients & Reps
  • Attach Supporting Files/Documents Specific To A Client
  • Add Private Pages For Users To See

You will be able to download the script and install it on your own server!

As you can see, this is a very simple but powerful program that will allow you to hire sales reps from all over the country. You’ll be able to bring in more clients from places you would only dream of visiting.

This is only version 1.0, so there’s plenty of room for growth.

You’ll have the complete script to install on your own server.

Yes, we had issues with that with the Analysis Generator, but I hired 2 different programmers for this project and it should be functional on all servers.

Besides, we’ll have the programmers available for all support related to this program.

Simple Client Manager

Kevin Lam


This program is not available to the general public yet. We are releasing this internally only.

Kevin Lam

Kevin Lam is a self-taught internet marketer, web developer and traffic conversion expert that started since he was 17 in 2000. Even throughout his 5 years in the Navy, Kevin continued to hone his skills. Kevin now owns multiple digital companies including a Strategic, Digital Marketing Firm, a Sales Funnel Concierge Service, General Support Company and other digital products.

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