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Dallas Millionaires Meetup With Mike Crow

24 Feb

Mike Crow presented today for our Dallas Millionaires meetup group. In my honest opinion, this was probably the BEST presentation I’ve heard and seen in a very, VERY long time. The best one goes to my daughter when she was talking about walking through the woods and beating someone over the head with a shovel. She was 18 months at the time. She told the story with so much enthusiasm.

Seriously though,  Mike Crow truly delivered with his presentation on 10 Ways To More Referrals. His 10 ways are running through my head right now and I can’t stop thinking about them. I’m thinking about how I can incorporate what he does and grow my business even more.

Here’s a preview of his presentation with just the second tip:


These are things we should ALL be applying in our business already. If you’re not, you are seriously losing a lot of money. It doesn’t matter WHAT business you’re in. I suggest you listening to the whole thing. And since I’m not expecting a whole lot of responses (too bad if you don’t take advantage of this), I’ll send you the full audio presentation so you know how to get more referrals and more business.

We’re not talking about referrals for a network marketing business, I’m talking about building a relationship with your clients and making sure your clients are referring others to you. I get referrals from my clients, but the strategies Mike covers are honestly brain-dead simple to execute.

Here’s what you have to do:

1) Post something in the forum. Tell us something new. Introduce yourself if you never have. Tell us about what you’re working on now, etc. I’m not saying to do all of that, but to just make a post in the forum.

2) Comment on this blog entry that you’ve posted in the forum so I’ll have your email address. I’ll then send you the link to get this 1-hour presentation.

TO ME, this could be worth thousands of dollars in clients. When Mike asked me how much each client is worth, I told him $700-$800. I thought about it some more and realized I’m closer to $1,200. So I have to do everything I can to make my clients happy to get more referrals. I know what he taught will certainly do the trick.

So the time it takes to do what I said to do is well worth it.

Here’s another preview:


I forgot to mention: I’m leaving this offer open until March 1st. After that, it’s gone.

Kevin Lam

Kevin Lam is a self-taught internet marketer, web developer and traffic conversion expert that started since he was 17 in 2000. Even throughout his 5 years in the Navy, Kevin continued to hone his skills. Kevin now owns multiple digital companies including a Strategic, Digital Marketing Firm, a Sales Funnel Concierge Service, General Support Company and other digital products.

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