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02 Mar

LinxBoss Review – What’s Your Take?

I was on Facebook last night and noticed an ad for “12 Cent SEO Backlinks”. Sounds pretty good. It then continued with, “Unlimited one-way SEO links…on autopilot. True “Set and Forget” SEO linking. Just 12 cents per link. Check it out!” I smelled doo-doo, but I couldn’t ignore it.

03 Mar

A Jeff Donahue/Hoeffer or Matthew Donahue Grant Scam

That’s right, I couldn’t pick out a title because I wasn’t sure where to begin. I’m sure you’ve seen it here or there over the past several months. Even in Google or Yahoo! Despite it being known to the FTC and BBB some advertising sites still allow these ads to

06 Feb

Does Seeing What Others Use On AdWords Help?

If it does for you, you may want to check this out. http://www.networkersdebut.com/go/ppcspy In case you haven’t heard, Internet Marketing guru, Brad Callen, recently released a product that will have all the AdWords users screaming. Depending on who you are, you might scream “yay” or “wth!”

22 Dec

Animoto Is Spectacular – It’s Free!

I’m having so much fun with Animoto. I learned of Animoto.com by looking at this month’s Entrepreneur magazine. I didn’t even open the magazine up. I immediately went ahead and looked them up online.

29 Sep

Update On Net Audio Ads’s Pay Per Play

I first mentioned Pay Per Play on December 26, 2007. It brought on about 36 comments of agreements and disagreements. Heck, it even brought Net Audio Ad’s 3 management team, Larry, Charles and Paul. I actually didn’t see all 3 of them anywhere before that.