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Business Acumen – Who’s Next?

18 May

Here’s a very deep secret not many Internet experts are willing to share or actually point out without a fee. Part of the reasons to their success is that they were among the first to start it all. If you’ll remember hearing the term “first come, first serve”, it’s the same way online.

People usually remember who was first, not second. For instance, who was the first to sell books online? Amazon; who was second?

  • Who was the first to start mass production cars? Ford; who was second?
  • Which company was the first to start the fast-food chain restaurant? McDonalds; who was second?
  • Who was the first to build an airplane? The Wright brothers; who was second?
  • I’d ask you who was the first to walk on the moon but that is too controversial to discuss.

Did you at any time notice the crickets when I asked for the second provider?

I do hope you are getting the idea here. We all tend to remember who was first but seldom do we remember too much further than that. Whomever enters the market first usually makes the biggest impression. Most of our Internet gurus are filthy rich because they were first to present their products. Is that fair? Well, from their point of view, of course it is. But from ours, it is not very desirable.

Now you are thinking that you have to be first at something to become rich but you don’t know what to be first at; so, you think it’s impossible. Take it easy, my friend. There are ways around it. Let me ask you a question. Who owns money?

Did you try saying Bill Gates? Did you try saying Donald Trump? Did you even try saying George Bush? It doesn’t matter WHO you claim to own money, you are wrong. NO ONE owns money. Bill Gates has money, Donald Trump has money, George Bush has money and YOU have money but no one will ever own it.

Though money is man-made it is much like nature. No one owns it. No one owns the weather we feel, no one owns the water we drink, no one owns the air we breathe and so on.
“Oh, but people own land!”

Do we really? This, too, all has to do with perception. Since ancient history people have spilt their blood to claim land as their own. To prove my point, can you think of why anyone would risk their lives to own a piece of land? It’s because they don’t own it.

Owning land today is made possible through legal paperwork. It then creates a perception in our mind that the land belongs to someone – the land is in someone’s name. Great Britain claimed America to be theirs and we lost many lives to claim it as our own. After many deaths and a binding agreement, America was finally ours. It was a perception the world saw and accepted.

My point is this, money belongs to no one so don’t think you cannot become as wealthy as any other guru you know of. And notice that I never once said being first automatically makes you rich. That’s not always the case and that’s why I say the first will make the biggest impression.

If you are not the first to present a product, or the creator of a product, you must present it to those who have not seen the product. This is made possible through affiliate programs and reseller programs. As an affiliate you earn a small percentage of a sale and as a reseller you make whatever percent the original owner gives you. In most cases, it is a 100% profit for you. So you see, the opportunity is readily available to you even if you were not first in line.

If wealth was made for only those who were first in line, then there would be no such thing as a line. They might benefit before us but it doesn’t mean we won’t benefit anything.

“We are what we think all that we are arises with
our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.”
-The Buddha-

Your Takeaway:
1) The first in line will benefit first.
2) Money is not owned by anyone so it can be transfered to anyone.
3) Present the products to those who have not yet been exposed to.

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Kevin Lam

Kevin Lam is a self-taught internet marketer, web developer and traffic conversion expert that started since he was 17 in 2000. Even throughout his 5 years in the Navy, Kevin continued to hone his skills. Kevin now owns multiple digital companies including a Strategic, Digital Marketing Firm, a Sales Funnel Concierge Service, General Support Company and other digital products.

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