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Boss For Hire

Boss For Hire

Hi there,

My name is Kevin Lam. I’m the founder and owner of Rank Above Others, Inc. I’ve been doing Internet marketing since 2001, served in the US Navy from 2003-2008 and have been running my digital agency since late that year. Our company offers website design, software development and various marketing services. That means we work primarily with business owners and not consumers.

I’m looking to hire serious professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit wanting to work in a calm, beach-infused, family-oriented environment. The photo above is my actual office space, which you will be working out of. We have our own green screen recording studio you’ll get to learn how to use.

Instead of trading in your hours for dollars, I’ll be hiring you to be your own boss so you can start earning based on your knowledge and skills. No prior skills required, I will be training you.

This is not a typical 9-5 job offer. This is not a, “buy-in and I’ll give you the tools” opportunity. This is not a work-at-home scam. This is a real job offer working at my office in the Victoria Tower. I’m willing to teach you and provide you with the resources necessary to be successful in this industry as if you are your own boss. Positions for this IS LIMITED and I will be very picky on who to work with.

Do not call my local or toll-free number asking about this offer. If you do, you will have already failed the test and will not be included.

Simply register below to see if you qualify. Those who do qualify will be selected to come to my office in a group setting for a complete run-down of their new career right here in Victoria.

Registrations will be closed July 31st and whether you are selected or not, you will be informed August 1st.

If registration is removed below, it means I may have received too many applicants. Thank you for taking a look.