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This Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into on and effective
by and between Rank Above Others, Inc., a Texas Corporation with its principal place of business at 500 N Shoreline Blvd, Suite 706, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 (“Provider”) and

(“Authorized Signers”) of  (“Client”)
having its principal place of business at:

    Provider presents a brand development, ecommerce website development integrated with Ship Station (a shipping logistics software platform) or similar. This is a one-time service although an ongoing maintenance plan can be made available if Client wishes to have ongoing support with website changes. This can be added after website is live.


    Company Branding Development
    10 Days Included n/a
    eCommerce Website 35 Days $5,000 n/a
    Business Strategy and Consultation 1 Day Included n/a
    Basic Facebook Ad Setup 5 Days Included n/a
    1. Company Branding Development. Before you build your website or begin promoting your business, you want to make sure that your brand is right on the mark. If you have never completed a brand development exercise, we will help you with that and design a brand guidebook for you. It will include the logo usage, favicon, color palette, typography, iconography, imagery, print material, stationary, social media kit, and signage. By having this guidebook, you’ll be able to present yourself to your audience in a more professional and memorable manner.

    2. Shopify Ecommerce Website. This is a complete, head-to-toe, professionally designed ecommerce website built from the ground up using Shopify as the base. This is the ideal platform for you if you want more control over your website build and yet see more data tracking and easy-to-use features to help you grow your business online. Depending on what direction you decide to go, you can use their Point-of-Sales system in addition to their online selling features. This package also includes our company branding service. We will create your online store with a new logo, favicon, 3 slider images, 5 banners and proper layout for ease of use and navigation. We can update the contact page to have maps, create contact forms, opt-in forms and other page elements. Customers will be able to use your website and checkout through your shopping cart with the payment processor of your choice. Product names, prices, images and descriptions must already be provided. We will also insert up to 30 of your products manually to get you started, but if  you have an API or XML file with product details we can import, we can import as much as you need. We will create the layout and function for Home, About, Gallery, Products/Store, Checkout, TOS, Contact, and other internal pages as necessary. We will configure your store settings to ensure it is ready  to operate after the shop is live. You’ll have an admin area to track orders, process orders and monitor your sales. After that, any additional work will be recorded in our "whatever hours." WH to abbreviate. You will have 5 WH. Provider will not log time without Client's consent and approval to log. All approved hours logged beyond the allotted WH will be charged based on our service hourly rates.

    3. Business Strategy and Consultation. Provider will give Client 1 hour of consultation or guidance on improving their overall business growth at Provider's office. Each hour of Provider's consultation time is worth upwards of $1,000. Appointment must be booked at least 2 days in advance to ensure availability. It is recommended to schedule an appointment after brand book is approved.

    4. Facebook Ad Setup. After website is live, Client will receive a Facebook ad account setup that includes the setup of pixel tracking, audience syncing, catalog syncing and 3 ad campaigns focused on branding, traffic and sales. Max total ads to be setup is 12. Client will be instructed on how to create more ads in the future. There is much more involved work required and often requires a higher retainer, but this is a free add-on service as a gift by Provider.

    5. In addition, the website will receive basic on-page search engine optimization, mobile compatibility optimization, Google Analytics and Search Console setup and sync, basic security sweep and setup, other legal pages will be provided to help protect the Client, such as Disclaimer, DMCA, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

    Client agrees to pay $5,000 to Provider for the services described in this Agreement. Provider will provide such services to Client upon the terms and subject to the conditions hereinafter contained below. Clients may discontinue services at any time.

    Other charges (if applicable), such as all additional work outside of the project scope are billed hourly based on the type of service required. The following rates are the most commonly used by our clients:

    • Content Curation - $50/hr
    • Web Design/Graphics - $75/hr
    • Video Editing - $150/hr 
    • Web Development - $200/hr
    • Troubleshooting - $200/hr
    • Consultation with Executive - $300/hr
    • Consultation with Kevin Lam  - $500/hr

    These charges are billed immediately based on the estimated time to complete the additional work. Work will not begin until payment has been made. If the work is completed in less than the estimated time, then any unused paid hours will be issued as a refund, or may be used as credit towards other services.

    For the avoidance of any doubt, it is hereby stated that the parties intend and agree that this Agreement shall be treated for all purposes as an agreement for contracted services between the parties. It does not create an employer and-employee relationship.

    Anticipated start date of this project will begin October 23, 2023 assuming service is signed on or before this date. The estimated delivery date is December 8, 2023. This estimated delivery includes additional time for troubleshooting, changes and potential delays in approval or data/content access given to Provider. Provider is not responsible for any delays caused by Client or other factors beyond Provider’s control. 

    Unless failure to deliver services rendered by Provider, there are no refunds whatsoever due to time, energy, and expertise utilized to develop, deliver or provide new content and other intellectual property on Client’s behalf. Service(s) may be canceled, but not refunded.

    Provider hereby assigns and agrees to assign to Client or its subsidiaries or affiliates, as appropriate, its successors, assigns, or nominees, Provider's completed developments, designs, patents, inventions, and improvements, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrightable subject matter or proprietary information which Provider has made or conceived, or may make or conceive, either solely or jointly with others, while providing services to Client, or with the use of the time, material or facilities of Client or relating to any actual or anticipated business, research, development, product, service or activity of Client known to Provider while providing services to Client, or suggested by or resulting from any task assigned to Provider or work performed by Provider for or on behalf of Client, whether or not such work was performed before the date of this Agreement. Provider retains the rights to provide similar development or marketing services to other clients of Provider.

    Provider cannot guarantee or accept any liability whatsoever for downtime associated with the transfer process, nor can we guarantee that Client’s existing website “as it is” will work flawlessly on another platform. Once Client’s website files are transferred to a server of your choice, there are no refunds. Provider cannot guarantee 100% function on another server after your website is completed on our demo server. Provider cannot be held responsible for lack of resources on your selected server or incompatible server settings. Provider will do what Provider can and offer up to 3 hours of troubleshooting, but Provider will start billing $200/hr once Provider has exhausted the allotted time. Provider reserves the right as the Designer to put a link showing that the site has been designed by Provider, or is hosted by Provider, and this link will be usually small, unobtrusive and will open a new window, thereby not hindering or distracting from Client’s own website.

    Client acknowledges that Client has read this agreement and Provider’s Terms Of Service located and agrees to the terms set forth by both documents. This contract remains in force and need not be renewed. If for any reason, one part of this contract becomes invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining parts of the contract still remain in place. Although we have tried to keep this contract language simple, the intentions are serious, and the contract is a legal document under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts seated in the State Of Texas. Failure to enforce these Terms and Conditions and related Policies in every instance does not amount to a waiver of Company rights.

    This Agreement contains the entire understanding between Client and Provider relating to the subject matter of confidentiality, work product and non-competition. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed per the laws of Texas and may be modified only by a written signed by Provider and Client. Provider hereby consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States sitting in Texas. The provisions of this Agreement relating to confidentiality and non-competition shall survive any termination of service no less than two years from the date of termination. 

    The Provider reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time for any reason. Client agrees to hold Provider harmless for any damages incurred to Client by the termination of this contract.

IN WITNESS HERE OF, each party to this Agreement has caused it to be executed on the date indicated above.



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